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Nov 6, 2012 12:00am EST
, pennsylvania, florida. the democrats still saying it could not go romney's way, all these things could be pivotal to how the election washes up. where will you be focused tomorrow night? >> look, mitt romney has -- obama has a lot of paths to victory. romney has very few. they will be states like virginia, florida. if obama wins those states, pretty much over. romney needs to run the table and do well in ohio and pennsylvania. those are must-wins for him. >> charles, when you look at both campaigns from start to finish, what do you think has run the better campaign? >> i think that this campaign has been what most campaigns are, a series of ups and downs for both sides, and so there have been some performance issues and the first debate was a performance issue for barack obama. what mitt romney has not been able to do has been to get enough momentum to ever get himself over a hump and get shooting himself in the foot either by things coming out he didn't time or saying things in realtime that did him real damage. so mitt romney was never able to take advantage of a bit of momentum and rid
Nov 5, 2012 12:00am EST
doing it. >> president obama speaking today in florida, our special, the man who knows the president better than many, former white house press secretary robert gibbs. welcome. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i'm excited, like most people. i think the excitement comes from nobody seeming to have a clue who is going to win this election. what do you think it will come down to in the end? how do you see the map of tuesday night really evolving based on where things are right now? >> well, look, i know from our campaign's perspective, we feel pretty good about where things are. obviously, what's left now, i'm in wisconsin, we are about 47 1/2 hours from the polls closing, it's all about getting our voters out to the polls all day on tuesday. the president will start his day here with bruce springsteen and hopefully, a big, energetic rally here. look, piers, i feel very good about where we are in the nine battleground states and about what we have to do to finish this race off in a little under two days. >> in terms of the election campaign, i've been surprised, watching the president today
Nov 18, 2012 2:00am PST
scandal, a top u.s. commander under investigation and a florida socialite allegedly behaving badly via e-mail. at the center of it all, technology. i talked with human behavior expert wendy walsh about why sex and technology have become intertwined. >> because it's become a paired stimulus. here are stats that might freak you out. let me get this right. single guys can send pornography either on their computers or iphones for about three times four times a week. married times, over seven times a week for 20 minutes. now they're getting platonic texts and e-mails from average people but it can be a little confusing in the mind. if you don't believe pornography has become addictive, think of this. a full one-third of all content on the internet is pornography. so it's a big market. >> you say pornography is affecting our text messages. are you talking about sexting? >> well, because it's a paired stimulus. what happens is men are using their iphones and their computers as sources of arousal. and they also use in it courtship and dating. their brains also become addicted to a constant
Nov 7, 2012 9:00pm EST
, and then in florida, there was a sense that this could be an earlier evening than we thought. we looked at the demographics. pretty much across the board you had a good night on women, independence, younger people. african-americans, it was a pretty big sweeping area of people coming into vote again for you guys. were you pleased about the level of the turnout? and the breath of it. you know, the question that was being raised on the other side was whether the obama coalition that served him so well in 2008 would come out again and so one of the things that we saw early and before the polls closed just looking at the turnout was that we were getting strong turnout among the groups that you were talking about. and that was encouraging. >> why republicans lost, if you were putting your strategist hat on and looking at their campaign where do you think they lost it? >> i think the problem for their republican party is that they are so far to the right that they are way out of the ma mainstream. the positions that governor romney took on immigration reform and women's health issues a
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
make of this? >> i think i'm going to vote with suzanne. i don't know. it's florida. maybe wothey're sending picture of themselves on the beach. the tawdriness grows by the hour. you might think it's hollywood but the circles of power in washington, what on earth has been going on? >> what is extraordinary about this, we're seeing pictures today of jill kelley there leaving her home, what is extraordinary and slightly more sinister and serious, i think, is what happened after this fbi agent reportedly got bounced off the case, because it would appear that he then went to a congressman to report what had happened in the belief that it may now get covered up and that that congressman then took things forward and went higher and at that point, the genie was out of the bottle. it could have been that if he hadn't been sending shirtless pictures and hadn't been laid off the case, he would never have gone higher and this genie could have stayed in the bottle. >> right. that's still going to be one of the unanswered questions, piers. why don't we take a quick second to catch up on what we a
Nov 1, 2012 3:00am EDT
state of florida with a new bipartisan tone. >> i've got to be able to reach across the aisle and get good democrats and republicans to work together. good democrats love america, just like good republicans love america. >> michael moore is here to react to all of the events and if you have questions tweet us@piers tonight. we will begin on the long hard commute for millions of new yorkers. it's a rough time for many new yorkers. obviously a rough time for many people on the east coast. in new york it seems as almost two cities now. you have the half with power, upwards of 40th street and below 40th street a nightmare with no power. traffic, absolute chaos out there. i had to walk earlier because it was gridlock. what can you tell me about the subway, about power and when new york will be back on its feet? >> well, that's a question a lot of people are asking. it is obvious from what we witnessed today it will take a while before new york gets to what it used to be. today, what we witnessed, thousands of people walking across the queensboro bridge. some trying to make it home tonight.
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
it was virginia. and then in florida. there was a sense that this could be an earlier evening than we thought. >> we look at the demographics that have come out from all of the polling last night. pretty much across the board you guys had a very good night on women, independents. you know, younger people. african-americans, latino, asians. it was a pretty big sweeping area of people coming in to vote again for you guys. were you pleased about the level of the turnout? >> oh, absolutely. and the breadth of it. you know, the question that was being raised on the other side was whether the obama coalition had served him so well in 2008 would come out again, and so one of the things we saw very early, and even before the polls closed, when you know, just looking at the turnout, was that we getting strong turnout among the very grurps you were talking about, and it was -- that was encouraging. >> the inevitable inquest into why republicans lost. if you were putting your strategist hat on and looking at their campaign, where do you think they really, in the end, lost it? >> look, i think
Nov 15, 2012 12:00am PST
petraeus? >> well, we know that is the way she was around florida and there was a little squabble and the next thing the cia director is being grilled and has to resign without any security aspect to it which is the case. so you are left with an affair that would have left uncovered and now maybe a moral argument against it if he were in the military, but as the cia director, and be the first to have an affair? >> no, nor the last, but he made the decision. >> if you had been there today doing the "today" show, how would you play this? >> well, i would not be judging him one way or another. >> but there is a journalistic feeling? >> well, some people feel there is an affair that would be wrong and some questions of national security, and we don't know. i think that we are still learning that, but if you just said that it is a relationship, an affair, that is anybody's business personally. that is necessarily affects what he does nor does it mean that someone should demand that he step down, but he made that decision. >> i think that every american should be sitting here tonight re
Nov 10, 2012 9:00pm EST
florida. cnn projects that president obama won the sunshine state and its 29 electoral votes. vote totals were updated just before today's noon deadline. it increases president obama's electoral vote total 332. 270 are needed to win the white house. >>> new details in the surprise resignation of david petraeus because of an affair. u.s. official says the affair came to light because of an e-mail investigation by the fbi sparked by a complaint of harassing e-mails alleged willie sent by petraeus' biographer. she spent months in afghanistan interviewing petraeus for the book. >>> to the recovery in superstorm sandy, nearly two weeks after the storm, frustration is boiling over. >> can't get lights on for my kids. i can't get power, heat, garbage pickup? >> more than 280,000 people across the region are still without power. nj will ew jersey's governor ch christie expects power to be back statewide by tonight. he says life will be back for most of new jersey come sunday. >>> top-ranked alabama lost the tonight 29-24 to 15th ranked texas a&m. an interception at the goal line in the fin
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
our campaign are the millions of volunteers here in ohio where i am now and iowa and florida who are going to turn out support for the president tomorrow. we feel very good about where we are entering election day. we're confident we have the support in the states to win this election, to re-elect president obama. we just have to make sure our support materializes in votes. we will work as hard as we can over the next 24 hours. anyone who is listening who supports the president who didn't vote early, please make sure you get to the polls tomorrow. >> it's a very different scenario to the one you faced four years ago. then it looked overwhelmingly like you were going to have a big win. now it's pretty tight in many areas. it's a much closer scrap. where do you think the real battleground's going to be? everyone is talking about ohio. do you see that as perhaps the pivotal state? >> well, it's interesting. four years ago today, on a monday, we obviously weren't -- we were nervous then, too. you always are heading into an election because you have to make sure your vote turns out. we ha
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)